Cardinal Divide – Martha Moore

Cardinal Divide (36" x 36")

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    Size: 36" x 36"
    Medium: Water Miscible Oil and Acrylic
    FMV: $1,680.00

    I was raised in Calgary and had a fulfilling career in broadcast journalism and corporate communications in Alberta and Ontario. In 2011, a move to the beautiful Okanagan Valley and Predator Ridge changed my thinking about how I wanted to “interpret my world” and I shifted from writing to drawing and painting.

    My work is recognized for strong expressive strokes, emotional energy and dramatic blends of colour. It can be found in national and international juried exhibitions and commercial galleries across North America, from New York to Vancouver.

    When I paint, I am totally immersed in the moment and unaware of my surroundings. The only focus is my canvas where the marks that I make and the feelings they evoke take over. From beneath layers of texture a story begins to emerge, often unintended but arresting in its intensity. When the painting is finished, I am usually covered in paint and exhausted but exhilarated. I am very grateful for the ‘stories’ I am able to create and the pleasure they bring to others.

    Even away from my studio I'm immersed in art as a Past President of the Federation of Canadian Artists (North Okanagan Chapter), a Director of the Arts Council North Okanagan and an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists (Toronto, ON), and NAP Contemporary Fine Arts (US).


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