Cat Wearing Mask – Wanda Lock

Cat Wearing Mask (24" x 24")

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    Size: 24" x 24"
    Medium: Oil on Canvas
    FMV: $350.00

    In 2019 the Lake Country Art Galley had a community exhibition called 'To The Dogs' and asked artists to create work using their pet(s) as the subject. 'Cat Wearing Mask' is my attempt to capture my cat Robin in paint form. Robin spends hours and hours sleeping in my studio; however, as soon as I pick up a pencil or paintbrush, she immediately wants to leave. How does she know? This is Robin waking from a nap, and since I did not have time to finish the painting while she sat, I decided to paint her face black, an idea I got from a black Halloween mask hanging on my studio wall.

    Wanda Lock was born in Oliver, British Columbia in, 1969. In 1989 she enrolled in the Fine Arts Diploma program at Okanagan College before transferring to Emily Carr College of Art & Design, where she graduated in 1992 with a studio major in painting. Lock returned to the Okanagan in 1992 and works and lives in Lake Country.

    Lock’s recent exhibitions include The Year We Disappeared, Vernon Public Art Gallery 2020, A Studio of Ones’ Own, HeadBones Art Gallery 2018, Drawing from Life, Kelowna Art Gallery 2016, Escape Artists, Kelowna Art Gallery 2016. Flying Machines and Poems Sung by Strangers, Kelowna Art Gallery’s Satellite Gallery at the Kelowna International Airport 2013.

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