Dark and Mysterious – David Powter

Dark and Mysterious (36" x 36")

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    Size: 36"x36"
    Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
    FMV: $950.00

    My paintings often include textures such as fabric and various other mediums. Inspired by nature's colours and shapes, I begin the creative process with a focal point and then move around the canvas until the edges are anchored. The shapes within the painting and their relationship to each other are integral to the works' entire expression.

    I love texture in paintings thus I wanted people to be able to feel the piece as well as see it (Probably not something you want to do in an art gallery!). Touch is just as important of a sense as is sight.

    Why do I paint? For my whole career, I used my left brain. Once I started painting, a whole new world opened up for me, for which I am truly grateful. I would encourage anyone to try it. You do not have to become a master to derive joy in your work.


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