Exuberance – Jane Tanner

Exuberance - Jane Tanner (24" x 24")

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    Size: 24" x 24"
    Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
    FMV: $600.00

    I was born and grew up in England after WW2. In 1970 I emigrated to Canada and fell in love with this beautiful land of mountains, lakes, rivers and old forests. For me, coming from the UK, I found the space and sheer rawness of the landscape quite intoxicating and I longed to express it in my art. Usually, I paint expressionist representations but have recently branched into abstraction, which I must admit is a lot of fun. In fact, acrylic paints lend themselves to abstraction because they are plastic and vibrant.

    I studied in the UK at CF Mott College, University of Liverpool, from 1966-1969. I studied painting and pottery.

    My hope is that the love of God is expressed with joy in His creation.

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