Lunar Cycle – Julie Oakes

Lunar Cycle (Two Works)

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    TWO WORKS: "Kung Fu Over Pine" and "Wolverine Witnesses China Lily" Framed side by side

    Kung Foo Over Pine
    Size: 30" x 21"
    Medium: Gouache on Black Stonehenge Paper 

    Wolverine Witnesses China Lily
    Size: 30" x 21"
    Medium: Gouache on Black Stonehenge Paper 

    FMV: $1,600.00

    In order to have a more immediate engagement with China and my personal impression of the culture, I decided that I would complete a large composite drawing made of 28 panels. This would be the Lunar Cycle for Awestruck, Calendar of Ecology. I used gouache on Arches black paper, 30 x 22 and completed 28 pieces between April 02 and May 30. Each panel incorporated plants of China with animal images and reflected the story of the Asian Rabbit in the Moon.

    In China, there is Moon Rabbit, a rabbit that lives on the moon and pounds the elixir of life in a mortar and pestle for his companion, the moon goddess Chang'e. Chang’e in turn protects Moon Rabbit from Dog who tries to eat Moon Rabbit. As dog nips and bites the moon wanes until Chang’e helps rabbit to heal and grow again.

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