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M (24" x 30")

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    Size: 24" x 30"
    Medium: Mixed
    FMV: $625.00

    Kathy Munts is a 2D artist residing in Lumby, BC. Her early work as a teenager was done solely in pencil. Many years later, once her children were finished high school, she fulfilled a long time goal to learn to paint with watercolors. Beginning with classes with local watercolorist and mentor Gail Short, Kathy also discovered sketchbook journaling. This made art an almost daily practice, a way to record inspirations, places and events that can be used for future projects as well as improving observation skills and techniques.

    Whether it be with different media, textures, painting surfaces, techniques, or incorporating found objects into a piece, the possibilities for creative expression keep expanding, and making Kathy’s artistic journey one of exciting anticipation. Workshops with abstract artist Barry Rafuse have been instrumental in Kathy’s journey into mixed media and moving into a more non- representational style in some of of her more recent paintings. Nature and florals are a major source inspiration, but she also loves the challenge of doing a non-conceptual work and letting the painting dictate the journey. Kathy’s goal is to never stop learning, experimenting, and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.

    As Jean Matlack said “Affording myself painting time, I have learned to understand, is a practice of honouring something essential in my life. It is a source that is revelatory, mysterious, and ultimately joyous”.

    Kathy has shown her work in juried and non-juried shows. She is an active member in the North Okanagan Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists, a member of the Okanagan Artists of Canada and member of the Lumby Artists Coop.

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