Tofino – Doug Alcock

Tofino (18" x 23" x 6")

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    Size: 18" x 23" x 6"
    Medium: Found, Forged and Fabricated Steel Cast Glass
    FMV: $2,300.00

    This fusion of cast glass by David Monpetit, and forged steel by Doug Alcock,represents two artists exploring a dialogue with form and texture.Both elements share a history of birth by fire and frozen in time.United in this form they share a suggestion of water and rock or surf and seaweed. Doug's sculpture practice, now in its fourth decade at the same location in Vernon,continues to produce expressive work that has found its way into many collections, public and private, worldwide. David, continues to explore his glass techniques at his studio in the south Okanagan and also has a long history as a maker..

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