SOLD! You Had Me at Hello – Kara Barkved

You Had Me at Hello (30" x 30")

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    Size: 30" x 30"
    Medium: Mixed Media
    FMV: $900.00

    When I make art, I let my intuition lead throughout the painting at first. As it evolves I begin to rely on my intellect. And that goes back and forth for awhile, each taking a turn leading, a mixture of intuition and lessons learned of theory, design, colour and value. As the painting begins to resolve I begin to rely more and more on my intellect and experiences painting over the years. Finally the painting announces itself and then it’s again a mixture of feeling the painting intuitively and paying attention to the details of the painting. When I am in the state of intuitive creating I find that it is a place of profound joy. The busy world falls away, as I become one with the painting and the process. I grew up not understanding my feelings, and not understanding the world around me....and so intuitively letting loose in the beginning and middle stages of a painting, helps me get in touch with the hidden wisdom within, and create myself anew.

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