A Happy Day 2020 – Heidi Thompson (40″ x 36″)

Fair Market Value: $4,850.00 CAD

Size: 40″ x 36″ x 1.5″

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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“My aim is to capture beauty – not by painting a
landscape as I know it with trees, mountains, clouds
or sunsets; rather by painting the essence of nature
using her elements of light, colour, movement and
space. My greatest happiness comes from creating a
painting that in some small way inspires beauty,
peacefulness and joy in others.”

Heidi Thompson was born in Vernon. In 1974, after
graduation she moved to Switzerland to work as an Au
Pair. In 1975, she was accepted into the University of
Art and Design Zürich to study art and professional
photography. After the four year program she moved
to Germany to apprentice with artist Oskar Koller.
From 1980-81, Heidi studied painting at the
Akademie der Bildene Künste Nürnberg. Her final
year was spent at the Hungarian University of Fine
Art. In 1982, Heidi returned to Vernon and worked as
a photographer, painter and book publisher. In 1995
she published Recapitulation – the life and art work of
her friend Sveva Caetani. Heidi currently paints full-
time and exhibits her work in Europe, Canada and the USA.

To bid on this work, link to our auction site

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