Blithe – Brazen Edwards (30″ x 40″)

Fair Market Value: $2,800.00 CAD

Size: 30″ x 40″

Medium: Acrylic

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Brazen Edwards is a versatile artist that was born in
Edmonton, Alberta. She attended high school at the
newly developed Victoria School of Performing and
Visual Arts then later enrolled in the BA Criminology
Program at the University of Alberta and was given
special permission to take Art Fundamentals as a
component of her degree.

She then went on to pursue a career with the RCMP
and relocated to the Okanagan in 2009 and is a juried
member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. In

2015 she created Ellis Art Studios, a 5000sq ft multi-
disciplinary art facility located downtown Kelowna.

They provide professional studio space and world
class educational programming to prepare artists,
emerging or professional to become more successful
in the art world.

She now resides in Vancouver, Canada but spends
part of the year painting and travelling the world.

As a contemporary abstract painter, my focus is
mainly on striking bold colours and expressive mark
making. To capture and create a playful atmosphere
where the viewer is left emotionally connected with
the intricacies of nature is the foundation of my

By generating a sense of fluidity that is both subtle
and intriguing, my art often depicts themes based on
my world travels that add a powerful depth to my
paintings. I often incorporate my love of minimalism
to strike an elusive balance between composition and
design to elicit the subconscious. The key to my work
is allowing yourself to perceive imagery and analyze
what that may mean to you. My ability to manipulate
and control how pigments react using fluid mediums,
allows me to create fascinating and unexpected
surprises that invite a connection to my work that I
find incredibly inspiring.

To bid on this work, link to auction site

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