Morning Glow – Nikki Balfour (24″ x 48″)

Fair Market Value: $1,975.00 CAD

Size: 24″ x 48″

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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The inspiration for this piece came to me at a
beautiful point of transition in my life. I wanted to
capture the moment where the sun lights up the sky
and the expression and excitement of a new day, a
fresh start.

Nikki is celebrating 16 years as an independent full
time artist based here in the Okanagan Valley.

She draws inspiration from B.C.’s vast landscapes, and
the atmospheres created by the changing seasons. Her
paintings evoke the mood of these environments
through the application of her freestyle abstract

Each painting has it’s own depth and unique voice.
Standing in front of these works in person allows you
to truly appreciate the complexity, subtlety, and depth
of the work of Nikki Balfour.

To bid on this work, link to auction site

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