SOLD! Subcontractor II – Johnny Forever Nawracaj (17″ x 22″)

Fair Market Value: $220.00 CAD  

Sold for: $220.00 CAD

Size: 17″ x 22″

Medium: Archival Pigment Print

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Johnny Forever Nawracaj is a non-binary Polish born scholar,
performer and multidisciplinary artist. Their practice weaves
surrealist narrative through print, installation, video, gesture and
drag-inflected performance to explore love, loss, and labour with
a particular investment in these themes as a part of
queer/nonbinary cultural production. Forever’s most recent work
removes construction materials from their original purpose and
function, combining them with queer femme tropes to form
fantastical new configurations and build metaphors around the
vulnerability of structures both physical and theoretical. This
investment in ubiquitous construction materials like roofing and
drywall arrives after several years spent working renovation jobs
in Montreal and comes with questions around economic and
environmental precocity.

To bid on available works, link to auction site

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