“The Pacific” – Diana Gritten 24″ x 24″

Fair Market Value: $650.00 CAD

Size: 24″ x 24″

Medium: Mixed Medium on Canvas

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Diana Gritten is an accomplished artiist born in
Jamaica and living in the Okanagan Valley of British
Columbia, Canada. Since her early twenties, Diana has
always been keen for the arts. Studying at the
Okanagan University College in the early nineties, as
well as many travels to various parts of the world,
offer her the opportunity to improve her craft through
art workshops, private lessons, and photography.
Diana immerses herself into the rich culture and
people of each country she visits, while implementing
the techniques taught to her along the way. Art history
also plays a key component to her paintings and
collages. Much of Diana’s works have been shown in
galleries throughout the Okanagan Valley. Private
collections of her art can be found in many countries
throughout the world. To this day Diana enjoys the
freedom to paint at her studio in her home. She
continues to offer private and group lessons, as well as
art healing techniques.

To bid on this work, link to our auction site

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