Yellow Field -Lana Schuster (24″ x 48″)

Fair Market Value: $1,200.00 CAD 

Size: 24″ x 48″

Medium: Mixed media on Canvas

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Lana was born at home in Regina in the middle of a
cold winter’s night. Growing up on the prairies
imbued her with a love of spacious skies and room to
roam. Now living in Vernon, Lana continues to seek
and express that kind of space.

Inspired by a trip home to the prairies in the fall when
the canola is at its height, ‘Yellow Field’ began with
the application of cheesecloth to create a textured
surface. Charcoal lines and painted shapes gave form
to an expression of that landscape, resulting in this
piece that explores the feelings we experience when
we immerse ourselves in the great wide open of the
physical landscapes we inhabit. In order to fully
experience and appreciate the compelling role of the
media, ‘Yellow Field’ is best viewed in person.

To bid on this work, link to our auction site

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